Falmouth University Fine Art Graduate Ryan Joucla

Ryan Joucla graduated from Falmouth University studying Fine Art in 2014. He is now living and working from his hometown of Marlow.


‘My practice begins through the act of walking as I have always the natural world a catalyst for escapism and personal reflection. I look to capture both the essence and energy of the terrain through the use of film photography and quick observational drawing. I find these processes honest and organic in their depiction of landscape. I have begun to notice on daily walks a physical change within my immediate landscape. I am concerned with the ever increasing expansion and encroachment into woodlands and natural terrain. I believe we are facing a spiritual crisis due to the structure and order of our modern day lives. With our need for control and desire to expand our materialistic wealth we have forgotten that we were born out of nature and that it is a much as a part of us as we are of it.’


‘Using my photography and observational work as a reference for form and texture, my charcoal drawings take a more personal direction, influenced more instinctively by my place and relationship to the terrain. They are a compassionate depiction of the landscape that deals with a physical and emotive change both locally and universally. I begin these drawings by completely covering the paper surface with charcoal and then removing the medium using rubbers. I find this reverse process of taking in order to create an image an impulsive practice for recall and reflection. With it I am able to question the realms of past and present and between memory and reality.

I am in the early stages of a project titled ‘Beside Us’ in which I am exploring those ambiguous strips of land, hedgerows and patches of woodlands that are dispersed throughout the landscape. I have been documenting these spaces that are directly or indirectly affected by human involvement, looking into how the natural terrain and our person-made world exist together in such intimate situations.’




Website | @ryanjoucla