Freelance Illustrator and Artist Nico Walker

Nico Walker studied at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and graduated with a 2:1 in Illustration.


‘Nicos is interested in sequential narrative, “I find that I’m draw to wordless narratives, I like hidden meaning.” He is inspired by comics, 80s movies and toys he had as a kid. “I watched Akira when I was a young and then found the comics later, yeah. I used to read 2000AD when I was a boy, I love Katsuya Terada, the Terminator and lots of thing. I read a lot of science fiction.”

Influenced by people such as Jon Boam, Mikkel Somma, Sam Bosma, Terby Wonder, Mr Aryz, Conrad Roset, Jonny Negron, Farel Dalrymple, Lisa Harper, James Harvey, Swoon & more. He is also a member of the illustration collective INKSOUP who among other things produce a comic and art anthology.’





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