Freelance Illustrator Dan Leydon

Dan Leydon lives in Strandhill on the West coast of Ireland.

‘This is also where I have my office. I studied Product Design for four years and afterwards pursued Illustration as it’s always been a natural way of expressing myself. I’ve drawn and written since I was tiny so it seems like second nature and I can thank my parents for that. My mum helped me with drawing and writing when I was about two and my dad showed me comics and Monty Python, a potent mix. ‘

king eric

‘I always find it difficult to communicate what inspires my work but i think if i give a list of artists I admire it may give a basic idea. In no particular order, I love Eddie Izzard, Monty Python, Stewart Lee, Die Antwoord, Metallica, Nick Cave, M.I.A., Terry Pratchett, Cormac McCarthy, Gustavo Santaolalla, Rafa Benitez, Ronaldinho, Alan Moore, Jean Jullien, Kate Beaton, Olly Moss, David Lynch, I could go on and on….and on.

When working I aim to produce pieces that make people look, look again and smile. If I can artfully work an idea or message into my work then I am happy. That second level of meaning is the pinnacle for me. Wit is a necessity in anything I make.’

prisoners to our batteries



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