Freelance Illustrator Lucy Davey

Lucy Davey graduated in 2005 from the University of the West of England in Bristol, and got her first commission (book cover) in the Autumn of that year.

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‘Since graduating I’ve created images and lettering for over a hundred covers, commissioned by most major UK publishers. I’ve also worked on editorial, advertising and design projects, more recently exploring surface pattern design. I’ve had work on billboards in New York and a Royal Mail stamp.

My influences include Mid-Century illustrators like Mary Blair and M. Sasek, vintage transport posters and Japanese prints. Generally I’m drawn to flat colour and limited pallettes. I grew up in Devon and find nature and landscape to be an inspiration. I like to screen print when I get a chance, and often look at American landscape photography for ideas.’

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‘Currently I’m illustrating more covers for the Molly Murphy series of novels and looking forward to continuing my pattern work and making more prints in 2015.’

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