Freelance Illustrator Randy Amoakohene

Randy Amoakohene graduated from Coventry University studying Illustration and Graphic Design in 2014 and now lives and works in London.


‘I have always been an artistic kid and that continued through school all the way to university, with the creative projects being the ones were I did the best and felt most comfortable with. I graduated from Coventry University studying Illustration and Graphics in 2014 and I currently live in London.’


‘The biggest influences in my artwork would be memories of my childhood, the TV shows and cartoons I used to watch and the games I used to play when I was younger. In truth I still do that now, that hasn’t changed much. My love for traditional art heavily influences my process of creating my illustrations, the painterly approach I take in rendering my work and the emphasis of layering, physically and metaphorically.

In my opinion the art of discovery is lost nowadays and that is something I keep constant in my work. I want people to draw their own conclusions from my work, I want it to be open to interpretation with endless possibilities.’


‘I’m currently balancing a part time job with freelancing, I have had the opportunity to create an editorial illustration, album covers and a couple commissions. My main focus is creating a sizeable body of work, evolving my style how I can and pushing and collaborating with awesome artists and companies.’




Website | @randyyawa