Illustrator Leon Webb

“Playing out in the street and drawing were my favourite things to do as a child. I’ve always been fascinated by the outdoor environment, and that has become a large influence in my work, whether its in the beauty of nature, or the grunginess of my hometown.” –Leon Webb


“I graduated from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2007, where I studied Graphic Communication which is quite different from the kind of thing I do now. I love the feel of stroking a brush across a nice sheet of quality paper, and that slightly inconsistent flow of ink from the pen as it glides along the page, It feels so natural to me, and a grate way to escape the formalities of life.”


“Over the summer I spent three months travelling in southeast Asia, which gave me unlimited opportunities to create beautiful artwork of the places I see. Everywhere I’d turn would hold potential to become another subject for me to paint. I spent so many hours sitting in the beaming heat of the sun finishing off each piece, that I ended up burnt and covered in heat rash.

Now I’m back home, and can’t wait for it to snow, so I can sit out in the cold and paint the beauty of another British winter.”


Hunsdon Mead

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