Multi Disciplinary Designer Ben Hat

Ben Hat is a multi disciplinary colour-inner with a love for motion, typography and illustration who graduate from the The University of the West of England.


‘I have always considered myself to be a multi-disciplinary designer, a jack-of-all-trades if you will. As I progressed through my foundation course and into my Degree at The University of the West of England (UWE) I found myself being pulled towards almost every medium I came across and as a result my portfolio contains a variety of projects that span from motion and animation to typography and illustration.’


‘In my final year I developed a keen interest in typography, illustration and haptic design with my two main themes consisting of class division and education. Among my projects were ‘Class Association’, a game, which aimed to create a haptic interaction from a user and bring awareness to the stereotypes we put onto different groups of people every day, ‘Outstanding’ a project that took the form of an informative campaign and focused on the current state of the education system from Primary through to University. I also designed a three-part publication/zine entitled ‘Waldorf’, which was created as an interactive how to guide for alternate education.’


‘Within my work I have always aimed to try and create an engaging, informative and visual experiences driven by narrative. For ‘Outstanding’ I wrote all the copy that appears within the publication after condensing and re-writing 50-70 documents and news articles I had researched. I also created all the illustrations, with each one relating to the topic of the particular page it sits next to. Although this takes an enormous amount of time, by developing the entire project contents myself I feel as though it allows me to have a stronger understanding of the theme and also much more control over the design process.’


‘Since graduating I have worked at the digital agency ‘onedotzero’ participating on projects for Nike, Jaguar and their self initiated event #dotdotdot. I have been a freelancer at ‘Limelight Sports’ working on international sporting events and have recently accepted a permanent position at ‘Allen Creative’ where I will be assisting across multiple mediums and in particular at expanding the digital and motion elements within the company.’



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