Norwich University of the Arts Student Kathrina Wainstok

Kathrina Wainstok is at the Norwich University of the Arts with a focus on learning and honing a variety of new illustration skills.


“The art of image making has always captivated me through its ability to break through language barriers, whether it’s an international publication travelling across seas or a child who’s still learning the alphabet.”

kathrina wainstok

‘I attended the St Marylebone School and Sixth Form where I completed 13 GCSEs and A-Levels including Art and Psychology. Recently, I was chosen to deliver an art alumni speech on the design and illustration industry. Throughout my time at the St Marylebone School I learnt very important design-related skills such as print making techniques, life drawing, and the importance of researching. Some of my key inspirations in the creative fields include Toni Diterlizzi, Roald Dahl and John Burger. They particularly informed my passion for drawing, and it was through their inspiration, as well as my artistic studies at school, when my design and illustration abilities began to flourish.

During my completion of A-Levels at St Marylebone School I completed a summer design course at Chelsea University of the Arts, and then continued on to Camberwell University of the Arts to undertake a CCW foundation diploma course. On the Camberwell foundation course I learnt that experimenting with scale, materials and collaborative projects, could bring very fresh perspectives to my work. Initially I was drawn to mainly working in pencil, however this slowly developed into more modern image-making techniques, such as using Wacom graphics tablets and graphic editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. At this time I had the amazing opportunity to attend a book-binding course which inspired me to privately refine the skill. Once I had mastered the basics of book-binding, I soon set up an online hard-back bound book online shop on Etsy called KDWJournals. I currently teach free book-binding workshops to my peers at university.’


‘Currently, I’m attending the Norwich University of the Arts. My focus is on learning and honing a variety of new illustration skills such as wood engraving, etching and a number of other printing techniques that build on my personal development. I’ve been greatly influenced by the variety of cultures I have experienced during my travels in recent years, including travelling around my family’s homeland in Ukraine and a month-long road trip around Europe with friends, which I documented through photography. During my second year at Norwich University I joined Mr Shift, a T-shirt label, and became part of the design team. My responsibilities included binding the magazines and creating designs for the brand. I also got involved with the Callum Can campaign, donating my work for an art charity auction.

In my final year at NUA, one of my paintings, an oil concept piece that joined together war and the dangers of smoking, was shortlisted for the Master of Art International competition. I also began producing graphic designs for a start-up clothing company Catali (which should be launching this year) as well as various other private commissions for designs and portraits. Currently, I am working on a book collaboration project with Goldsmiths University of London alumni Melissa Legarda-Alcantara, who holds an English and Comparative Literature BA and founded the youth marketing and PR agency, Bake Creative.’




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