Artist Çiğdem Menteşoğlu

Çiğdem Menteşoğlu graduated from the painting department at Hacettepe Unversity in Ankara.


‘I got my first taste of art education when I was 15 in my hometown Trabzon. It was a high school in specialized with painting and music. I then moved to Ankara for Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University and received MA degree in painting. While I was my MA, I moved to the Czech Republic where I studied Lithography by Martin Raudensky and conceptual photography at the Faculty of Art and Design in Jan Evangelista Purkyne in Usti Nad Labem. (Before completing my Phd. in art in Ankara.)’


‘I’m working with traditional techniques such as paintings, drawings and collages at the moment. I like using traditional techniques; I like to do things by hand. I think there is much more feeling in it. Alongside this I’m doing work with installations and photography/video. My installations mostly combine painting and drawings. My artwork is based on a personal history that lies between fiction and reality. My inspiration also comes from other artist’s works, things as objects, places (travelling and moving is big impact on my thoughts), movies, book etc. I am trying to find out how I could express subjective interpretations of rational situations, conditions, and notions. This curiosity brought me to focus in on inner perceptions and transform them into transcriptions of the human condition. One of my latest projects was Up&Down aims to transform the real place in to a place of state of mind.’


‘My artworks are corresponding to my thoughts and feelings generated by basic pressures and desires of life. I believe that what I am doing is a kind of a dialogue with the self and artworks are visual fragments of this dialogue.” I actually enjoy the process of the making artwork. Before the execution of the work, the process of research is so exciting. Simply I enjoy focusing on the thoughts transform them in an idea and giving shapes of ideas. This period gives the feeling something like between frustration and satisfaction and joy. Currently I am in Artist in Residency program at The Experimental Studio in Newcastle. I have great studio here. Here, I’m working on a projects using with the balloon, which is my recurring symbol. This series will be related with my interest in the idea of Resisting, struggling with basic needs, desires of life in general.’

Dus-LeaveofAbsence serisinden-tuvaluzerineyagliboya-60x50 cm



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