DJCAD Illustration Student Kat Hughes

Kat Hughes is a final year illustration student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland.


‘I’m currently in my final year of my undergraduate degree in Illustration, only months away from the Degree Show in May! I started my university course straight after finishing school, where I had completely focussed on fine art, rather than design. What I love about illustration as a subject is its versatility; I can employ my knowledge of editorial and graphic design in one brief, whilst creating a three dimensional, slightly unconventional illustration for another. My other great love other than image making is foreign languages, Castilian Spanish being my second language. I took part in the Erasmus Exchange programme during my penultimate year of university at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia where I studied Editorial Design, Lithography and Spanish. Both my experiences within and outwith the classroom whilst studying abroad have proven invaluable in my work today.’


‘I am fascinated by different cultures, predominantly European cultures, and my enthusiasm for this has certainly given my projects direction this year. I am interested in this concept of “the death of print” and how it really isn’t the death of print at all, with more and more publications being truly innovative and creative, such as Anorak and Flow. I will also always have a soft spot for art history and visiting galleries, and I think the artist with the single biggest influence in my work over the years has been Pablo Picasso.’


‘Whether I’m printmaking, painting or drawing, to me my work is all about bold shapes and colour. I really enjoy experimenting with new techniques, but my favourite way of creating images is simply painting with gouache on greyboard. Gouache is a lovely paint to handle, whilst the surface of the greyboard is so smooth and gives the paint a great tone. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a book that I’ve been working on since September – I met and interviewed people from different European Union member states currently residing in Scotland, and asked them about their time here and their relationship with Scotland as their second home. I found my conversations with my participants deeply interesting, and I have been illustrating snippets of these conversations. My work does not often have a political slant, however the European Union and migration within the EU are key debates in the upcoming General Election that are particularly close to my heart! I am also working on a project involving ceramics, which has been particularly fun and rewarding as it is something I had never experimented with before. I’m going to keep that under wraps though, in case it’s the project I end up exhibiting in May!’