Freelance Animator & Illustrator Tony Westwood

Tony Westwood is a Freelance Animator & Illustrator who graduated in July of 2014 from the University of Bolton. Here we speak to  Tony to talk about his creative inspirations, life at university, favourite project work & life since graduating.


Who were your first creative inspirations? What sparked your creative interest growing up?

My first creative inspirations were the comic book duo, Greg Baldwin & Dave Guertin, also known as CreatureBox. These guys are exceptional character and comic book artist. They produced the concept art for the ‘Ratchet and Clank’ franchise on PS2 & PS3. As for what sparked my interest growing up, I’d have to say it was ignited through watching cartoons in a morning before school and playing video games such as Crash Bandicoot & Pokemon.

How did you find your university experience? Would you recommend your course?

I thought my university experience was absolutely brilliant (apart from the essays). On my course, I’ve never met such a diverse group of talented people. The lecturers were so supportive and were always pushing myself and the other students to be the best they could be. I would recommend the course just because the animation & illustration lecturers are so fun, friendly and know so much about what is required to make it as a success in the industry and as a freelance illustrator.

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What feedback did you gain at your degree show with your work?

Nor I nor anybody on the course got any feedback about our work at the degree show. We did however get told that our exhibition was by far the best degree show our course has ever produced.

What have been your next steps since graduating?

It may have taken 2 months but I finally got myself onto the portfolio website; Hire an Illustrator and it has done wonders for me since joining. I’m currently working on two projects for clients overseas, one for a book and the other for a game. In my spare time I’m working on improving my animation skills as well as working on a personal project trying to get a promotional video ready.

Do you have a favourite project you’ve completed so far?

My favourite project that I’ve completed would have to be the work I produced for my personal project, which was then presented at the degree show.

Who are your favourite people to follow on twitter?

My favourite people to follow on Twitter are @KirstenShielART & @KristianDuffy

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