Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator Oana Clitan

Oana Clitan is working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Rotterdam, NL.


‘I’m a conceptual designer who mainly works with illustration on broader themes such as kitsch and language. By using pop culture elements in new contexts, I aim to offer a new perspective on contemporary visual culture and to confront people with their preconceived notions of ‘good taste’ and ‘bad taste’. I also work a lot with lettering, with a focus on the relation between language and meaning, in combination with different symbols, forms and aesthetics. Most of my inspiration comes from pop culture, especially on the aesthetic side: from old video games to 90’s music videos to contemporary Tumblrs filled with weird creepy gifs.’

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‘I was born in Romania, where I did my Bachelor in Graphic Arts, then I moved to the Netherlands to do my Master in Graphic Design at the AKV St Joost academy in Breda. The time I spent at the Master course was crucial in my development, as here I was able to find a focus and identify my strong points and my weak points, and learn to work with them. Also, I worked mainly on the themes of kitsch and language, which is  what most of my work focuses on in the present. One of my favorite projects is Limited editions, where I transferred the kitsch aesthetic to an animal rights campaign in order to comment on the fact in these campaigns, animals are portrayed in a kitsch way, in order to trigger an emotional reaction and make it easier for us to relate to them. My Master graduation project Kitsch Speech was a research into how to combine kitsch and lettering (expressive typography, illustrated words) and use them as visual commentary. The final work was a flag illustrating a fragment of Obama’s inauguration speech from 2009.’


‘I’m now working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Rotterdam, NL. I’m currently finishing a (highly decorated) publication for Conversas Rotterdam and I started some personal projects such as Celebrity Type, where I make typography out of celebrities’ portraits. I am also one of the five founders of Wecup, an interactive set of installations which helps keep surroundings clean at festivals by engaging people to vote with their empty plastic cups. All in all, I’m excited to see which projects the future will bring, but I have some big plans of my own, including experimenting with animated patterns!’



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