Freelance Illustrator Chantal Caduff

Chantal Caduff was born and raised in Switzerland, she is an illustration graduate who now specialises in animation.

‘About three years ago I moved to the UK to do my BA in Illustration at the University of Brighton. It was only in my third and last year of University when I finally discovered my fondness for animation. Therefore I spent it mostly on experimenting and learning after effects.

Since graduating last summer I have been working on creating a portfolio, moved to London and have recently started working as creative assistant at MTV.’

‘Growing up in a country with a huge array of impressive views has left me in love with nature and landscapes. Combine that love with my passion for collage and you have what drives my work. I draw my inspiration from endlessly flipping through various magazines. An x-acto knife at hand, I usually just start cutting away, rearranging the snippets and let my mind build the missing connections and stories. For me, a collage is not done until it, even just a tiny bit, moves. GIFs have since become my favourite thing.

I am a big fan of Julia Pott, Quentin Jones and Hattie Steward. If I had the chance to magically arrange the perfect day; having after noon Tea with them would be on the top of my list.’

Website | @chantalcaduff