Illustration Student Angela Lobo

Angela Lobo is originally from London; currently a Masters student from the University of Derby she is about to finish the last semester of her illustration degree.

‘My drawing style has always been based on realism and more specifically on detail as I was heavily influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci and his anatomical drawings. But today I love to watch the works of contemporary artists like Nicolas Delort, Stuntkid and Greg Simkins. During the summer of 2014 I also interned with the Illustrator Rory Dobner for a few months as I experimented new techniques bringing my traditional style into digital.’


‘My project right now is focusing on illustrating obituaries. Something that has never been approached before, especially as death is a rather taboo subject in Western society. With my recent illustrations I want to emphasize images that speak about the character and personalities of individuals. It’s still in its experimental phases as I weave out through trial and error as to what will make these obituaries intriguing to the viewer but also a symbolic representation of the deceased fellow.’




‘I’ve been focusing on a lot of hobbies and images that reflect these people’s journeys in life. Still trying to discover more elements that will make the images more personal and I’ve been doing this by studying death in the Victorian era, looking at memorabilia and trinkets. My black and white lined style also helps to emphasize this theme of death without making it morbid, as I want viewers to feel enlightened by the story of these people.

I also have a large interest in continuing with Editorial illustrations as I like to also play with colour and satirical symbolism in my work.’



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