Artist Spotlight Olaf Hajek

Olaf Hajek is a talented illustrator and artist whose work using bold colours and textures has enabled him to work with various advertisers and clients to create magnificent pieces of work. Born in northern Germany, he now resides in Berlin, New York and London. Originally studying to become a graphic designer, Hajek switched to illustration and painting.

Hajek is known for his unique style, exhibiting his work in galleries across the globe. With the use of colour and texture as well as strong themes, Hajek creates stand out pieces referencing folk culture and mythology.


When he collaborated with interior deco specialist company Photowall, Hajek created some beautiful images to be used in the home. Bouquet is one such piece which incorporates a strong theme and unique images. With bird houses, flowers, butterflies and much more, the neutral tones of this piece have made it calming yet intriguing and the design is enough to be a focal point in any room of the house.

His work with the well-known watch company Swatch created some interesting pieces. The collection used bright bold colours and imaginative, surreal images to create the work. Combining both nature and man to influence the artwork, Hajek’s pieces can be starred at for hours to admire the beauty and detail.

This piece from his 2010 collection, Flowerhead, called “Outside my Window” is a beautiful piece which incorporates darkness and colour. The piece combines both nature and man to give a surreal, gentle feel to the piece. The art incorporates different kinds of birds and each one is brightly decorated to show its individuality, the more the piece is looked at, the more depth can be seen.

The pieces the artist creates are unique and he describes his style as “the imperfection of beauty”. Hajek has developed his style over time, going from darker more expressive work to using more colour and elegance whilst incorporating more detail.

The artist has been featured in a number of media outlets, including the Huffington Posts Arts and Culture section – where they talked about his collection: Black Antoinette. His work has also featured in Elle and the New York Times to name a few.

Olaf Hajek is a brilliant artist whose unique style and flare has made him stand out in the world of art and illustration. His pieces continue to impress people all across the country and his collaborations and independent work have made him someone to look out for.