Embroidery Designer & Maker Nichola Duce

Nichola Duce is an Embroidery Designer Maker situated in West Yorkshire. She graduated with a Second Upper Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Textile Crafts in July, 2014.

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Nichola Duce creates handmade, high quality, unique and slightly quirky items, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Quality is a major factor to ensure a handcrafted, special item will stand the test of time; so it can be passed down and cherished.

‘I cherish the handmade and the unique, the feeling of owning something someone has put time and effort into first-hand and knowing nobody else will have one like it, is quite simply a wonderful thing- and I think an ever growing opinion in Britain today.’ -Nichola Duce

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For her Final Major Project at University Nichola was inspired by cultural patterns and ceramics. Line and pattern details are extracted and transformed. Using drawing at the heart of design to simplify details, they are then transformed into stitch. Using delicate hand embroidery, the patterns are sewn into small symbol-like details that add a second layer to the work. The details are embroidered onto fabric printed with detailed designs and traditional patterns- rejuvenating these vintage patterns to create unique designs with a modern feel. These intricate hand embroidered fabrics are lovingly made into high quality, handcrafted men’s bowties, each with a unique, quirky design made with attention and care.

‘My work tends to be on a smaller scale, I work well with details as appearance and craftsmanship are important values to me. I primarily use hand embroidery as I think it has a more personal value, I am able to control every stitch and detail.’ -Nichola Duce

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Nichola Duce is currently expanding on her designs and being influenced by a range of different patterned material- From ancient artefacts to traditional pattern details. Her range and style of bowties are expanding in style, shape, size to even custom made designs.

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