Freelance Illustrator Eva Bee

Eva Bee has been working as a freelance illustrator since graduating, concentrating on editorial illustrations.


‘I’ve built up a client list including The Guardian, Nature, Reader’s Digest and Therapy Today. Currently I’m working as a regular contributor for The Guardian’s comment pages, doing a fortnightly illustration on a Wednesday afternoon, completed in a few hours from brief to finished illustration. For me, it’s crucial that the ideas are given as much importance as the execution, an illustrator’s job is not just to produce an eye-catching image but to solve problems and bring new meaning and dimension. I constantly challenge myself to come up with an interesting solution that makes people look twice and think about the message in the article.’


‘I like to bring a slightly vintage, retro feel to the work. Although the majority is produced on the computer, I start by sketching with pencil on paper, ink the line-work by hand and use hand-made textures for a softer look and feel.

I’m also embarking on a personal project using lino printing. I think going back to traditional techniques could bring a new direction to my work.’





Website | @evabee_draws