Freelance Illustrator Grace Russell

Grace Russell is a freelance Illustrator based in London.

Wild Place

‘I graduated in 2013 with a First class BAHons degree in Illustration from the University of Westminster and won the Achievement Award in my first year. In 2014 I won the V&A Illustration Awards Student Category with my illustrations and book cover for Robert Macfarlane’s ‘The Wild Places’. I’ve lived in and around London for most of my life but for the past two years I’ve been hiking and camping around North America, and whilst living in Canada for a few months I ran creative workshops for kids and teens.’

Cold Mountain

‘I combine disparate bits of collage, paint and charcoal to create evocative imagery that is a both playful and controlled; a careful interplay between the figurative and abstract give my illustrations a unique visual language. My approach to work is fairly playful; I often start a brief by creating a series of marks that pertain loosely to the subject matter. This then progresses to me dropping random pieces of cut paper onto a page and seeing what ideas and compositions can be inferred from it.’


‘I’m interested in the natural environment and I think the collage/ mark making process really lends itself to this, the landscape is often comprised from naturally ‘graphicy’ forms and the sense of randomness is clearly provident.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great clients including the V&A, Spitalfields Silks, The Loop, Kameleon, Sony and P&G. At the moment I’m working on a brief that unfortunately I have to keep quiet but its super fun and I hope to be able to reveal some details soon. I’m also in the process of distilling a huge pile of illustrations that I amassed whilst in the USA into a project.’

Upper berth

V&A glass 600

V&A snowy facade 600

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