Freelance Illustrator Joshua Davies

Joshua Davies is a recent Illustration graduate (Wimbledon College of Art & Arts University Bournemouth), now in London he is working uniquely with ink.

Hungarian parliment

‘My first experience of illustration was at Wimbledon College of Art, studying Foundation, but it wasn’t until later, during my degree at the Arts University Bournemouth, that my understanding of it really developed. I now think of Illustration as a way of seeing; taking an object, person or place and illuminating its character. University was a great opportunity to be part of a creative environment, experiment with new ideas and develop my own style.

I started painting with inks during my second year of university, favouring the intensity of their colour that injects an atmospheric depth to my work like that of a vivid memory. But it has only been within the last year that I settled on my recognisable style. I am influenced by traditional techniques used in watercolour painting but frequently try new concepts to build my own contemporary practise. All my work is hand painted, ink can be an unforgiving medium to work with; one mistake can ruin a painting. But I find that this forces me to be bold and commit to each brush stroke.’

Structural Convergence

‘Often, I am inspired by personal trips, both locally and international. I grew up in the suburbs of Greater London, not quite belonging to the city or countryside and yet I’m fascinated by both. Fluctuating between the energy of the city and the serenity of nature has been a big influence to my practise. Typically, I paint from sketches and photographs but also from memory, recalling and amplifying the prevailing colours of an experience. Environments, whether natural or man-made, have their own unique sense of character and my work examines how we perceive and identify with our surroundings.’

sun set tree

‘Since graduating I’ve been focused on building my portfolio but have recently been offered gallery representation by which is going to be a great opportunity to advance my professional practise. It’s difficult to predict what direction my work will take next as I think visually, responding to a concept and developing ideas through creating. But I do have a fascination for trees and a desire to learn more about native species. So expect future illustrations to take on a more botanical nature.’

autumn tree study

tree house

winter stag

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