Product Designer Matthew Salmon

Matthew Salmon is a young designer born and raised in Portland, he specialises in creating cool and innovative products. In 2014 he graduated from with a B.S. degree in Product Design & Material Studies from the University of Oregon’s School of Allied Arts and Architecture.

‘Growing up I spent all of my time either skateboarding, snowboarding up at the mountain, or making art. Much of my influences in design and style are drawn from skateboard and snowboard culture, Hiphop music, the city, the outdoors, and my own originality. As a trained Product Designer, I am ready to use my design skills and motivation towards creating original products. I am really interested in footwear, skate/snowboard/outdoor products, as well as anything else new and innovative.’

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‘Since finishing school last June, I have been working as Project Coordinator at Connective Energy, a consultancy that works with individuals and corporations to build brands and teams, where I assist the director in all areas of operation. I am also a snowboard instructor at Mt. Hood Meadows. Additionally I am always working on personal design projects, as well as looking for more work as a freelance designer. My most recent project is a skateboard shoe design which I created through pages of sketch ideation, then decided to make a video showing the final design using my digital drawing pad and a Photoshop rendering process. The video shows my creation of the final digital design, but this is just a small portion of a full design process which includes research/problems, brainstorming, ideation, protoyping/testing, etc.’

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