The 11 Stages of Emotion during Finals Week at University

We feel for you, if you’re about to head into that final week of university; Good luck! You’ll experience the whole spectrum of highs and lows during those last seven days, here’s our take on the 11 stages of rollercoaster emotions during finals week at University.

Confidence: I can do this, I’ve got a week to finish all of this.


Panic: What if I can’t do it, what if I forget something? I can’t do that this!


Rage: Oh crap, oh crap WHY ME, stupid dumb project, I hate you!


Give Up: How can I do this in 4 days, why bother. I can just start the year again right?


Panic: Another year?? How much is that going to cost me, what will my Dad think then? ARGH


Sleep is for the weak, let’s drink another case of Red Bull and get this done!


Rage: God damn printer! Why did you die just when I needed you! There’s no PAPER JAM, just WORK!


Why didn’t I plan my time better? I could have been done with this a week ago?


Rush: I’ve got to hand it in tomorrow, tomorrow. That’s enough time right?


Elation, I did it! I really did it! YES YES YES!


Let’s get drunk!