UCLAN Illustration Graduate Nick Norcross

Nick Norcross Ba illustration graduate 2014 left with a 2:1 and two awards containing the creative focus award and the deans award for the creative contribution to illustration started off by doing a night course in Photography at Preston’s Moor Park Campus whilst there he decided to create his own style of projects in order to stand out from the crowd.


‘The projects included manipulating photographs by turning them into patterns this later gained him a commission at the Pyramid Gallery in York for the love of Purple exhibition which was ran by Yorks legendary Purpleman the other project involved creating multiple flash portraits. The projects were awarded with distinctions and granted him a chance at University studying illustration.’


‘Nick’s creations contain surreal, subversive and raw edged illustrations. His last degree show encompassed a Piranha Boy and Cat Boy and masked relatives in a macabre family album which gained him the UCLAN Creative Focus Award 2014 for Design and The deans Award for the Creative Contribution Too illustration he left University with a 2.1 along with his Awards.

He was also commissioned for a sci-fi series named Portal which release date is 3st March 2015 which is an exclusive surreal scifi series exclusively made for dailymotion.com for the use of three of his masks by Ben Tallon an ex graduate of UCLAN who is now an internationally established illustrator and Creative Director for Quenched Music.’


‘Nicks influences range from watching surreal animations such as Superjail which is a vivid exploration of wackiness, it is a range of animated series based in a jail run by a psychotic character known as, The warden whom has super powers and does anything to get his most wanted desires! This is an inspiration for him and one of many where he gets his ideas from.

Other ideas come from Horror films which go out to shock, all of the masks and prosthetics are essential to heighten the shock factor and intensify people’s reactions. Some masks are fabricated in their simplest form, but when put together in a scenario with horror characters and a script they only add to the climax.’


‘Sci-Fi films have over the years developed greatly where the characters are so believable due to the skills of the artists and animators, the inventiveness of unusual characters can only come from experimentation and the wacky minds of their inventors. My first insight into the Sci-Fi world were the films Alf and E.T; how where they able to make such believable characters.

Paul McCarthy, his work distorts and mutates the usual into disturbing and carnivalesque, the same way Nick creates masks and uses multiple flash portraits in order to create disturbing looking images, grotesque at times.

Ryan Trecartin is another artist whose work introduces a number of themes based on identity and the struggle between individual expressions and fitting in; the same way Nick uses masks to emphasize the way people are read.’


‘After graduating Nick has decided to study a MA degree in Fine art also at Uclan where he is focused on exploring characters further by designing masks for the exploration of film which is based on how people are perceived from one person to the next this will be done by using music and expressional performances whilst using his own range of masks that have been made especially for his Masters degree. My next project requires collaborating with Dj Eig Eigenheimer in the creation of a music video where I will design a mask specifically for it whilst creating a music video to compliment it well.’

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