Arts University Bournemouth Illustration Graduate Maisie Parkes

Maisie Parkes is a Staffordshire based image-maker with a passion for bold and simple design. An Illustration graduate from the Arts University in Bournemouth, there she developed her current simplistic style focusing heavily on locations and their sentimental value.


‘Born and bred in Staffordshire, I was surrounded by the rural countryside from a young age which has been a continuous source of inspiration for me. I completed a Foundation course in Art and Design in Stafford before uprooting 4 hours south to Bournemouth to study Illustration.’


‘The course has been a challenging and demanding experience, pushing me in ways I never thought possible to find my creative identity. For the past 5 months I have been working on my final self initiated project which was inspired by a childhood location very close to my heart. Within my work, I wish to portray the happy memories I have of the place while maintaining a visually striking style.’


‘I love to draw, so my work nearly always begins with rough pencil sketches from memory which I then develop into more final images using black ink. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to sharpen up my work and add limited colour to finalise my images. I have always loved pattern design, so I also try to incorporate decorative elements into my work which gives it a playful feeling and a sense of nostalgia.

I am currently finalising my work to be exhibited at our grad show in London titled ‘The Observatory’ during July. As I near the end of my university bubble, establishing myself in the illustration world will be an exciting and terrifying journey but I feel positive for the future and ready for whatever is ahead.’