Arts University Bournemouth Illustration Student Lauren White

Lauren White studied first at the University for Creative Arts in Maidstone, and is soon to complete her studies at the Arts University Bournemouth in illustration.


‘It’s been a long three years but being in an environment full of other like-minded creatives has been the perfect setting to explore my practise. Surrounded by the gorgeous Dorset countryside, the environment around me has been inspirational for my most recent work.

My main interest is botanics and their surroundings, focusing particularly on the role they play in our lives and the peculiar notion that we work to nurture something beautiful but so short-lived. I gather most of my inspiration from found objects and particular compositions spotted on days out (I have a bit of a thing for odd ceramic pots and vases at the moment!).’


‘My work is often uses variety of techniques, but mostly consists of ink and digital combinations. I’ll often look through old drawings in sketchbooks and photographs to create new work by pairing up different images in sequence. The finished illustrations are typically bright and colourful with pops of neon colour here and there. I am currently working on pieces for my final university project and our London grad show ‘The Observatory’ in July. The next few months are a little daunting trying to establish myself as an illustrator in a world outside of university, but I’m excited to get out there and face some new challenges!’