East End Print Fair 2015 at The Proud Archivist

East End Print Fair 2015 “Haggerston’s only Graphic Art Fair”


After 5 years supporting graphic artists, East End Prints proudly presents the first edition of East End Print Fair, “Haggerston’s only Graphic Art Fair”.

We are pleased to bring to Haggerston some of our best artists, illustrators and designers producing graphic art prints from the EAST END PRINTS collection. Running for 6 weeks at the proud Archivist, the 100 framed print show will be one not to miss, featuring brand new screenprints, lino cuts, gold leaf and originals from the following artists and collectives:
Philip Sheffield,Rocket 68,Designers Nursery,Will Clarke, James Brown, Rich & Chris Fairhead/El Famoso, Amelia’s Magazine, Alfred & Wilde, Malissa Brown, Dieter Braun, Oscar Francis and Jason Ratliff.

Thu 26th March 2015 – Mon 11th May 2015
The Proud Archivist, 2-10 Hertford Road (off Regents Canal) Haggerston, London N1 5ET

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Opening times: 8am-10.30pm every day.