Freelance Illustrator Black Eyed Jack

Working under the art pseudonym Tales of Black Eyed Jack (aka Jason Kattenhorn) is a freelance illustrator specialising in mixed media portraits.


‘Work dripping with off kilter roguish charm; be bedazzled by anthropomorphism and famous faces, with fridges filled resplendently with haunted cephalopodic terror thrown in for good measure. All my work is hand drawn in pencil initially with layers of detail added with ballpoint pen and pencil crayons as I go along. My works tends to be quite illustrative with elements of fine art detail amalgamated together to create wacky imagery. I have recently started painting colour into my work, mostly pastel blues and pinks as they remind me of the summer. I love trying to capture a persons heart and soul in a portrait, my most recent work has focused on the idea of guilty pleasures, taboos, things we want to keep hidden, are you ready to reveal yours?’


‘I have been drawing since I was a kid, mostly mermaids and Power Rangers, however I abandoned it all a few years ago to study Policing and Criminal Investigation. That was a fun few years but I could not resist putting pen to paper again and in 2012 my art pseudonym Tales of Black Eyed Jack. He is the cooler version of me and is determined to keep drawing no matter what. Inspiration comes to me at odds times. My friends for instance in the Parched Artists collective are always creating and exhibiting and we always push each other to keep going. I would love to get my work in a film or TV show, whenever I see a character drawing or sketching I’m like hey that could be my drawing.’

Guilty Pleasures.designjuices

‘I am currently working on a commission for a lovely couple in LA who have just got married, I am super excited to get started as it is a really off the wall concept. I have some pieces coming out in ‘Pandaemonium’, a book being published by Out of Step Books later this year. My summer will be spent sorting out exhibitions and working on some new pieces for my Guilty Pleasures series.’


Pirate Girl

Pirate guy

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