Freelance Illustrator Calum Brodie

Calum Brodie is a Manchester based Freelance illustrator. A graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; BA (Hons) Degree for Illustration with Animation.


‘I grew up for the most part in Cumbria, so I spent a lot of time running around the hills in some form or another and I think my interest in nature continues to crop up in my work.

I completed an art foundation at Leeds College of Art, where I transferred from the idea of graphic design to illustration. I continued playing with mixed media, of which screen-printing featured quite a lot, a continued practice from sixth form. I then came to Manchester and studied Illustration with Animation and claimed a BA Hons in 2013.’


‘Since graduating I have been stoking my creative fire largely through joining a Manchester based collective called ‘Generic Greeting’. We are 26 members strong, and we have illustrators, print makers, graphic designers, photographers, film makers, writers, poetry, embroidery, musicians and DJs, so we’re well equipped to put on events and we do just that. At present we have an exhibition featuring 13 of our visual artists (including myself) displayed in Takk on Tariff Street, NQ. The exhibition is to celebrate the collective’s fourth birthday, so we had some free beer and GG DJs for the opening. We also got together with Projekts Skatepark in November and painted the pillars of the park under the Mancunian Way, which was a fun project, and 2 weeks of being nocturnal.

I recently completed a short cartoon strip for a friend’s zine in LA and I am now looking towards getting some products I can sell, such as t-shirts and cards and things like that. I am also putting together some more t-shirts for Hawkshead Brewery based on illustrations I have done for them in the past.’


‘I tend to do most of my work by hand. I only use programs to touch up little bits, colour fill and layering really. Patterns have become a sort of feature in a lot of my recent work, lots of little fractals forming a larger image. I like narrative as well, graphic novel kinda stuff but I haven’t delved too far into that world yet. I try to inject a little humour into my work every now and then; if I can get a cheeky chuckle or a smile then I’ll be pretty happy.

I suppose I get my influences from many things, friends and past teachers, life in general, it’s quite difficult to pin down but right now the Generic Greeting crew are a huge inspiration and a lot of fun to get creative with.’




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