Graphic Designer Megan Brooks of The Little Piper

Megan Brooks is the creative mind behind The Little Piper; a creative outlet for an over active imagination and creative tangents.


‘First dreamt up in 2010, and named after my favourite childhood place in the world. I started out selling screen printed plush toys and vinyl stickers. But in 2012 I closed my shop so I could focus on being a first time mum to the most amazing little fellow. Now that my little one isn’t so little, I have a little more free time! So I decided it was time to open up shop again, but with my focus being on greeting cards of a particular nature.

I love to create quirky pieces for the home and special little mementos for all occasions. I am inspired by the idea of offering a keepsake to someone special in your life, to keep long after the special moment has passed. For them to be able to hold something as they reminisce. I think that in itself is a very special gift.’


‘My mum kept all of my childhood birthday cards in scrapbooks and while most cards may end up in scrap books, some of my cards are designed to be used as mini prints. Like birthday cards that don’t actually say happy birthday, so they could be framed and admired all year around.

Aside from my little creations, I also do some freelance work, mostly for print and corporate identities.

When I am not creating new pieces for The Little Piper, I enjoy building pillow forts and doing creative projects with my son. I love seeing him discover the world, and he takes me on all kind of adventures. My head is always buzzing, and I am constantly seeing new things in everyday life, that give me more ideas. I heard a saying that describes it best “Having a creative mind, is like having a million tabs open in your browser at once.” But when I am sitting at my desk with the music going, I can get lost in creating something and that is when the magic happens.’





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