Kingston University Illustration Graduate Dale Crosby

Dale Crosby is an illustration graduate of Kingston University in 2014, and now works between Leeds and London.


Dale is an illustrator that can often be found floating somewhere between London and Leeds. I say floating, though it’s more likely to be sitting staring at the countryside stand still as you wait for a train to be pulled off the track somewhere near Wakefield.

breaking brad

He graduated from Kingston in the summer and has been trying to survive as a human in the real world ever since, “life is hard” he says as he writes this. He keeps himself busy with drawing and numerous attempts to make people laugh, whether this be through his imagery or some joke written down on his phone that no one will ever see, as long as he’s making someone laugh (namely himself) then he is happy.

“I’m influenced by anything I find interesting, or uninteresting, or anything I have an opinion on, or don’t have an opinion on, anything that is anything really. I like to imagine what other people would think in a situation with a bit of honesty in there for good measure, it helps get ideas flowing. It’s easy to forget that there are billions of other humans milling around doing their own thing – I find it fascinating, it’s these people’s thoughts combined with an opinion or two and a nice bit of setting that serves as my inspiration.”

church of naked

“Uni was great – I met a lot of sweet people and my D-club gang, but I found it hard to really let go and experiment when you know marks were involved. This loosened up in third year and I stopped paying attention to them (which weirdly worked in favour of my marks), but these days I enjoy having the freedom to do whatever work I fancy. At the moment I enjoy drawing small naked people doing as they please – I guess it goes back to those billions of people, turns out I like to imagine them naked. Maybe one day they will be clothed but right now I’ve got a desire to satisfy and that desire is naked people in unwholesome situations.”


leafy lovers

monster with digital lads


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