Luxury Fashion Designer LeGrand Leseur

LeGrand Leseur is a Philadelphia based luxury fashion brand promoting elegance and classiness consisting of custom men’s clothing and accessories that started in the fall of 2013.

LeGrand Leseur

‘I wanted to create something different. Something unique and new that I didn’t see in the fashion world. In order to leave my mark on the fashion world I wanted to bring something brighter to the scene. This led to the design aesthetic that I have now. When I create something I tend to try and design something that a Bond villain would wear. Something really classy yet complex. I believe fashion designers today have not evolved far enough therefore I want to be the person who presses against the powers to be to create something completely different. Most fashion today, especially for men, is so boring.

I am currently in the middle of releasing my sunglasses line that is coming out next month (May) as well as working on my custom clothing ideas with clients and such.’

LeGrand Leseur blue

LeGrand Leseur Black Oval

LeGrand Leseur Custom Bespoke suit

LeGrand Leseur Purple Bespoke Suit

LeGrand Leseur Purple

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