Recycled Materials Designer Becky Creed

British designer-maker Becky Creed works with recycled materials such as paper and cardboard to create decorative home accessories and lighting. Her “Turned Paper” collection features lamps, pendants and vases all made from layered paper.

After Graduating from Falmouth University with a BA(Hons) in Contemporary Crafts, Becky began developing a product line which is now on sale in several shops and galleries and can also be made to order.

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Her work has since been featured in Crafts Magazine and she was shortlisted for the 2014 Delight in Light competition which saw her become one of 8 finalists to exhibit at 100% Design, with a further display currently at Holloways of Ludlow this spring.

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Becky says “The designs are inspired by a love of colour and mid century modern design, combined with current interior trends – the unconventional material provides a lot restrictions in terms of my process and what shapes I can achieve, but it also gives an experimental freedom that you wouldn’t find with wood, metals or plastic.”

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“Originally this project was about using something that would normally be thrown away in place of a material that is deemed valuable. I felt there was a prejudice against some practices on my degree course, almost a hierachy of materials. I never enjoyed the process of mould making or digital design so I wanted to work with a more traditional, and hands on approach to contemporary craft – I knew nothing about wood so I decided to adapt my sculptural skills and love of colour to something else.”

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“At first everyone thought I had gone mad. But I had seen such exciting things created with paper and I was determined to conquer it, I just wasn’t sure how! After months of design development and practice I had got somewhere with my products, now I am constantly looking for ways to move forward and I am very excited to find out what this year has to come.”

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