Reimagined Cover Art at Futuralbum

FUTURALBUM is a collaborative album art design project created by Strong Odors artist & illustrator Troy DeShano. The goal of the project is to give these incredible artists an opportunity to design something “just for fun”—a rare treat for those of us often bogged down with design work tasks.

Radiohead OK Computer by Somon Birky-Hartmann

‘With the belief that limitations spur creativity, each artist was given simple but strict restraints for their album design:

  • Use only images from Flickr Internet Archive Book Images
  • Use Futura only for all type.

Designers have taken a huge variety of approaches—some designing quick covers in a matter of minutes, others investing the same time and energy as they might a high-end client project.’

Black Sabbath, Paranoid by Matt Brown

Willie Nelson, Red Headed Stranger by Dough Penick

NiN Pretty Hate Machine by Jeremy Burns

Jodeci Forever My Lady by Allan Cole

Bikini Kill Riot Grrrl by Amy Nicole Schwartz


Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Stewart Scott-Curran