Art Director & Graphic Designer Pavel Fuksa

Pavel Fuksa is an art director, designer & illustrator from Prague in the Czech Republic, he has worked for some interesting clients such as the Independent magazine, Mercedes, Google & Facebook.

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‘Pavel is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator based in Prague, Czech Republic. Before going freelance, he was working as a Creative director in the big agencies such as Young & Rubicam Prague and Jandl Slovakia. His style can be described as complex retro style with a slightly nostalgic feel. His works resemble the Eastern Bloc’s book covers from the 1950s’ and 1960s’, or the illustrations decorating stickers caps from the same period. His works always include a clever hidden message, sort of a puzzle or intellectual maze for the readers to decipher and amuse.

In the last years, he has worked for clients from all around the globe such as Google, Facebook, ESPN, Independent, Mercedes as well as for the independent music bands worldwide. He was just recently named in the Top 200 illustrators in the world by Lürzer’s Archive.’

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‘He is currently working on a series of covers for his childhood heroes books, new views on the Beatles songs, series of stamps and a series of 365 posters.’

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