Artist & Textile Designer Brittany McLaughlin of Rose Valley Textiles

Artist & Textile Designer Brittany McLaughlin of Rose Valley Textiles has a broad range of experience in design, merchandising, marketing, and project management.

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‘As a textile designer I blend the traditional with the contemporary. With a wide range of skills and experience, I offer patterns & inspiration for new collections that reference historic textiles; artwork with a sense of human hand with the utilization of the latest textile technologies; and a partner in the creation of memorable textile collections for the home and interior markets.

I maintain a weaving studio where I design and create artisanal weavings using a variety of materials & colors. Swatches are used to create textile patterns for woven production, used as further investigations for other artworks, or they are simply artworks unto themselves. I have an affinity for textile materials and processes that perform and are created with sustainable manufacturing practices; refined color palettes; and traditional, neo-nostalgic patterning.’

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‘In July 2014, Rose Valley Textiles was established. It is a versatile textile design studio creating art & textile design solutions. Working out of a studio in rural Pennsylvania, Rose Valley Textiles has a casual sensibility mixed with refined elegance.’ [Tweet “”Classic design is timeless and good work is never date stamped.””]

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‘I was schooled at Philadelphia University as a Textile Designer. There I concentrated on weaving, both on the handloom and with industrial weaving machines. I was also thoroughly educated in methods of printing, dyeing & finishing, and nonwoven fabrics. During graduate school at the University of the Arts (also in Philadelphia, PA, USA) my discipline was sculpture and my focus was on content vs. context and explorations on materiality illustrated through installations. My material selections referenced textile materials and processes. Much of this artwork addressed the marginalization and anonymity of women and textiles throughout art history.

Historic Influences include weavers of the Bauhaus (Anni Albers, Guntz Stozl, et al.), Louise Bourgeois, and the anonymous makers of historic textiles.Modern Influences include Reiko Sudo (Nuno Textiles), Suzanne Tick, and Li Edelkoort.’

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‘Two of Rose Valley Textiles licensed fabric collections for interiors will launch later this summer (2015). Meanwhile, I am creating digital versions of traditional woven constructions and ongoing sample development is being woven on the handloom. Recently I started to develop an online weaving course. It is designed for experienced weavers and will tap into and expand their creativity while exploring texture, structure, and fabric finishing. As always, I am responding to design briefs and negotiating licensing contracts as often as I can.’

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