DJCAD Illustration Graduate Jill McDonald

Jill Mcdonald is soon to be graduate of the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, with an honours degree in illustration.


‘I’m currently in my final year of an illustration honours degree at Duncan of Jordanstone Art and Design. My work tends to focus on things that I love; animals, mountains, and the great outdoors. My inspiration for projects usually comes from things that I am passionate for such as animal rights and gender equality. I’ll read an article, or watch a documentary that jumps out at me and then that fuels me on to creating something I hope will reach out to people and make a difference. Another huge inspiration for me has to be just being at university and being around like minded, creative people. It’s such a good atmosphere to be around people who are just as stoked on design as you are, no matter what disciple they are in.’


‘This year I have explored a variety of different processes to bring my projects to life, ranging from screen printing, to woodwork, to good old fashioned pencil drawings. This wide variety of mediums and techniques used has allowed me to explore many areas of design and test the boundaries of what ‘illustration’ can be.’


‘One of the projects I have been working on this year is an anti-hunting installation featuring 3 screen printed woodcut animals and a laser cut gun. I wanted to engage viewers with the animals and provoke a sense of responsibility towards the animals. The the red sight on the gun is looked through and pointed at the animals it reveals hidden texts that reads things like “not a trophy” on the deer, or “not a target” on the rabbit.

I have also worked on a few books (an adventure colouring book for kids, and a book that explores the idea of infinity), some motion graphics, editorials, a vegetarian campaign that includes a cookery book and some printmaking.’



new infin pics 2

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Website | @jillustration_