Freelance Illustrator & Designer Scott Soeder

Scott Soeder is an illustrator & designer based in Louisville, Kentucky. He grew up heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Seuss, Charles Schultz, and Chuck Jones. Not to mention Kiss, Van Halen, The Police, and Motley Crue!


“My heroes growing up were children’s book authors/illustrators, comic strip artists, animators and musicians. As a kid, I always had access to art supplies and musical instruments. Though my parents are not artists or musicians, they saw that I enjoyed them both and encouraged me to pursue my interests.”


“My work starts with real paper and pencils and finished in pixels. The computer offers a great deal of flexibility and experimentation, but there is nothing like working with real materials. I recently completed a canvas painting for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity Red Dot Auction. It was great to be a part of the event and nice change of pace to do some work with traditional media.”


Scott enjoys creating art and writing stories for children and working with music and pop culture themes. He has worked with start-ups such as Reelio Inc., musicians such as 311, and children’s publications such as Highlights Magazine.

Scott holds a B.F. A. in Communication Art & Design from the University of Louisville. Check out his series of cars from pop culture titled “Pop Wheels”  it recently won an award from AIGA in illustration.




Daryl Heckle and Jeckle Oates

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