Freelance Illustrator Samuel B Thorne

Samuel B Thorne (SBT Illustration) is a freelance Illustrator and designer based in Camberwell, London.


‘My work style is influenced by the golden age of animation, 80’s skateboard graphics and 50’s advertising and posters with splashes of psychedelica thrown in for good measure. In a simpler term; [Tweet “I create work that makes my Mum go, “eurgh.””]

My work is created by hand drawing the design using pencil and ink, before scanning and adding texture, pattern and colour digitally in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I love using bright colours and tend to gravitate towards using CMYK most of the time.’


‘I studied illustration at Plymouth College of Art, where I was fortunate enough to have fantastic tutors and incredibly talented peers. It really helped me find my style and what I want enjoyed creating, which was grungy posters and large complex pieces which were intended screen printing or produced in a similar way using a phone copier. I was fortunate enough to get a job straight from a uni, on the day of my final hand in no less. I relocated to London and became the creative producer for social media marketing and PR agency 33Seconds where I create socially optimised content for global brands across a multitude of medias. In my spare time I complete freelance and personal projects, trying to bridge the gap between my various styles to create a seamless and unmistakable identity.’


‘I am currently working on a cover for Little White Lies Weekly Digital magazine, a t-shirt design for an exceptional rock band as well as a few personal briefs to keep the creative juices flowing.

In the future I want to get more physical with my work and make more prints, too much of my work exists solely in the digital realm. My dream jobs would be to design an identity for a craft brewery, as well as be able to make a living off of making posters.’





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