Freelance Illustrator Tony Parkash

Freelancer Tony Parkash is a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University in Illustration, he is now based in Birmingham.


‘My work revolves around strong narrative that’s often derived from books with complex characters. My illustration has a fine art edge, because of the use of traditional drawing materials such as charcoal and oil paint. I enjoy working traditionally, and keep a fair amount of tools with me to work with, from graphite and charcoal to ink and paints, and of late I have started to forray my way into digital art. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013 studying Illustration. It was during this time I picked up oil paints and really concentrated on finding interesting narrative from novels.’


After University I was struggling to find and keep a consistent workspace, and then The Loft came around, a studio project that provided artists an affordable workplace in Birmingham, and it was a timely relief from the tight confines of working from home. A major benefit of my time there was being able to talk and relate to other artists from a range of practices with similar goals. It was during my time working in the studio that other artists pointed out to me my developmental sketches using charcoal should be considered as final illustrative work. Which might’ve taken me a lot longer to realise without the benefit of the opinions around me.’



‘A strong influence on me is cinema, I always note down shots and camera angles I find interesting. Recently I’ve found television has reached the artistic heights, and production of cinema, and I’ve found a lot of visual ispiration from the likes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and True Detective.

Right now I’m freelancing and running Life Drawing sessions in Birmingham. Figure drawing is a fundamental practice for an artist, and I never found classes local to me, so decided to put them on myself. The Loft doesn’t run a studio space anymore, but the project is still alive and I get involved there where I can with projects around Brum.’



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