Graphic Design Graduate Vicky Hardman

Vicky Hardman is a graphic design graduate from Norwich University of the Arts, Vicky has now settled up in Liverpool.


‘My three years at Norwich taught me how to develop my thoughts into ideas to produce a meaningful piece of graphic design. I enjoy the concept of building up an identity by applying consistent ideas to all the relevant formats.

Discovering the print workshop was really important to me, figuring out how to get the best physical outcome, seeing how just using the right paper makes such a difference. Constantly pushed to improve each idea and every visual. A stamp effect was needed for my ‘MOJO’ packaging logo so I made a stamp and photographed the prints, then collaborated with an illustrator to produce the hand painted pattern. Only working on a computer to create the final visual.’


‘The month of Graduation I confirmed a winter in the French Alps, 5 months on a snowboard in exchange for bar work. Quickly signed up for a second winter so Graphic’s was on hold for a while. Beyond my improved snowboarding I learned a fair bit about customer relations. The explorer’s bug had set in, so I spent 3 months last summer in Asia. This was serious budget backpacking, and although I still saw some amazing places, the seemingly less significant possibly the most inspiring.

Now settled near Liverpool I am working towards a career within Graphic Design. I have met with the wonderful Innovators Hub, who are supporting and helping me discover opportunities available. Also working on a couple of personal projects at home to expand my portfolio over the coming months.’




Website | @vickyjhardman