Graphic Designer & Visual Merchandising Designer Nikki Phennah

Nikki Phennah recently achieved her 1st Class Honours degree in Visual Merchandising & Promotion Design in June 2014 from Hugh Baird College.


‘My honours project that I designed last year whilst in my BA hons in Visual Merchandising at Hugh Baird College was inspired by my fathers death in January 2014 from Metastatic oesophageal cancer. I was inspired by the microscopic view of a cancer cell to develop and design a window design that would raise the awareness of cancer and create a reaction by approaching such a taboo subject in a different way.

My dad is the person that I am most inspired by, so its a big thank you to him as he was originally given 6 months prognosis but fought bravely for 21 months.’


‘For part of my research, I went to the Cancer Research Institute in Manchester and this was so fascinating. I was in touch with Hannah Leaton and Stuart Pepper.

I want to come away from breast cancer as this is well known and although the statistics are high, I feel that other cancers are not being as promoted as much and each are as important as each other. We didn’t know much about OC until dad was diagnosed and it was only my own research (before my project) that I learnt more about this.’

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