Slick's Barbershop Window Art Mural_26

Slick’s Barbershop Window Mural

Slick's Barbershop Window Art Mural_12

Craig Black’s latest project shows his collaboration with student graphic designers, cinematographers and photographers.

Following the success of Slick’s Barbershop Window Art vol.01, I was challenged to create a design that would engage the full shop window front. The brief was to advertise the other sector of Slick’s Barbershop
‘The Shave Room, with an exciting and engaging typographic design while keeping the Slick’s ethos strong. To bring the concept of The Shave Room to the front of people’s eyes, I designed a geometric frame around both typographic designs which shows a continuity of the Slick’s brand.’

‘Thinking about the big challenge ahead and the quick turnaround of two days to complete, I reached out to a fantastic group of graphic designers, photographer and film crew to collaborate on this exciting project. Therefore the demands of my role evolved greatly to direct, plan, design and assist. Everyone pulled together to share my vision and with a lot of hard work, laughter and having to balance and climb round a bannister right in front of the window, we created something a little special.’

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Slick's Barbershop Window Art Mural_26

Art Direction/Design & Typography | Craig Black
Creative Team | George Galbraith, Natalie Kenna, Chris Newton, Nicola Roberts, David Swift
Photography | Nicola Roberts
Camera | Emi Alonso, Matthew O’Donnell
Editing | Matthew O’Donnell