Textile Print Designer Claire Jackson

Claire Jackson is a textile print designer who graduated from the University for the Creative Arts with a degree in fashion and textiles print.

claire jackson

‘After finishing my degree I showcased a garment and several digital prints in Cite Internationale de la Dentelle et de la mode de Calais (The Lace Museum, in Calais) and my final garment collection in Spitalfields Church.

Upon leaving University, I began working with many different design studios designing fabrics and screen printing for them however, I soon realised that I wanted and needed a chance to be more creative! As a result, I have recently embarked on a business journey/ proposition called Claire Jackson Printed Designs. Through this business I design and create prints for interior products such as, cushions and Tablet/Kindle Stands and then produce the finished products to sell online and in selected craft events. I specifically draw out the designs and manipulate them through Photoshop, before sending the designs to printing companies, who use eco friendly inks on their fabrics.’

Claire Jackson steampunk

‘The ideas for my products were influenced after a spell in hospital over Christmas, when I realised how difficult it can be to comfortably position and to maintain stability to a tablet when not feeling well. Although the tablet I was using had a stand, it was very awkward to use and it restricted movements considerably. It wasn’t long before I realised it would be a good idea to make a cushion that could support the device, while also being light and involving the least amount of effort to set up and use.’

Claire Jackson Detailed gold

‘My designs are constantly inspired by everyday objects, experiences, nature, textures and dilapidated materials. I am forever travelling with a camera within my local area (and even when on Holiday) in order to capture interesting images that I can develop into prints. My aim is to find new ways to inspire others and give everyone the chance to enjoy unique art in their own home.’

claire jackson cushions

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