Three Colors to Inspire your Style

Bringing color into your fashion choices can be difficult for some. It may be problematic to decide what works best with your skin tone, if it is too much color or even how to match different colors and patterns together. We have been inspired by the bright colors of fashion and still life photographer Henry Jackson to dedicate this feature into the best colors for spring and summer this year, and simple tips and tricks for bringing them into your wardrobe.

Red The color red can evoke so many different reactions and emotions. It’s fiery and passionate yet as the same time traditional and romantic. Red is great for blondes or brunettes and is the perfect way to catch a little attention with your look. To try out a new style, be inspired by this traditional Spanish flamenco dress and shoes available at rebelle second hand, combining black, red and if you like feminine ruffles, to put on a modern twist on this classic elegance while saving money at the same time!


Blue All shades of blue could be making their way into your summer wardrobe, whether it’s a calming pale to a bright aqua. The most classic blue, however, should be a must have for spring/summer 2015. You can look for classic blue to come through in various pieces, in interesting shapes and designs. Try pairing this classic blue with a great sandstone sandal from net-a-porter.


Yellow is the definition of bright and energizing. You can instantly liven up your look with a carefully selected yellow standout piece as it instantly evokes the feeling of being awake and summer warmth. Combine yellow with a great stripe trend and navy shoes to make your look perfect from the corner.


While these colors could stand on their own, you can make an even more interesting look when you combine with other colors to create a unique contrast between the two. Also consider that pairing with a neutral such as white, tan, grey or back is also an effective way to make your color stand out!