Visual Communications Student Hayley Seamarks

Hayley Seamarks is a third year Visual Communications student at Loughborough University, set to graduate this summer.

Survival Island

‘As clique as this may sound I always knew I would be a designer from when I was a child entering Art Attack and Blue Peter competitions. I was then given the chance to utilize my raw skills when I joined Loughborough University in 2012, since then I have developed a keen interest in designing for an experience. I have always had a passion for teaching, so incorporating that element into my designs was always something that I would work to achieve. I enjoy coming up with design solutions that are relevant to today’s society, particularly focusing my work on the younger generation, using up to date issues that incur within this target audience.’

Island Hayley

‘I work first by hand, creating my designs and characters using pen, which I then edit and refine on the computer using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

In the last year I have developed a keen interest in creating apps and designs for digital platforms, so UI/UX design is something I am particularly interested in, as I enjoy the whole process of design, not only the final outcome but also the research and planning.’

Hayley Seamarks Survival Island

‘Currently I am working on a project called ‘Duo’ it is an online game and learning platform designed to be used within a school environment for children ages 11-14 years old. Duo encourages pupils to work together in pairs with people they may not necessarily be friends with or even spoke to before and complete survival and problem solving challenges. The aim is to encourage peer bonding to intern improve creativity in classrooms.’


Survival Island Hayley Seamarks

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