Interview with Managing Director Scott of Designmatic

Here we interview managing director Scott of Kent based Design Agency Designmatic. We discuss; the design agency, his education, plans for 2016 & more.

“There’s lots of advantages of being a small agency and we feel that with our client experience and creativity, we can definitely give the bigger agencies a run for their money!”


What does Designmatic mean to you?

I’ve always been really passionate about design and it’s really rewarding to have the opportunity to run my own design company to realise the vision. In the six years that the company has been formed I’ve learnt lots of new things along the way and experienced how to make the jump from being a designer to running a successful business. Winning new work and meeting with clients is such an important part of my day to day task that it’s always good to have a break from that side of things and just immerse myself in a really creative project. We have a quite a varied range of projects to work on at Designmatic and I feel thats good in that it keeps things fresh and fast-paced within the studio. Just as we’re finishing a website, we might then be working on a packaging project or some brand guidelines.

What was your route through education to where you are today?

After finishing school and A-levels, I completed a foundation course in Newport before going to Uni in Birmingham to study visual communication. After graduating, I had the opportunity to do some non-paid work experience at design and advertising agencies before landing my first design job at a London design company shortly after. Throughout that time, I was always really determined to learn as much as possible and keep improving my folio and knowledge.

I started to move up the career ladder and gained lots of really good experience at some leading design agencies in London and Brighton. Throughout my career in design I’ve always tried to keep learning new things and reading lots of generally soaking up as much media and visual language so I’ve got a fully rounded idea of what’s happening around me. I feel as a creative director, I need to have lots of different inspiration points so I can inspire clients, the Designmatic team and keep moving forward in new ways.


How did this lead you to Designmatic?

After nine years of working at other agencies, I decided to go it alone and set-up my own design company. It was a pretty bold move as I’d only just got my first mortgage but I always knew that running my own company and being my own boss was something I felt I could be good at. It was a pretty steep learning curve at first, especially when in comes to tax and invoicing but I feel it’s been a good grounding for understanding how all aspects of a design business runs. I moved the business from London to Kent in 2009 and have offices in the centre of Tunbridge Wells. It’s great to live in such a beautiful town such as Tunbridge Wells but it’s also nice to go back to London regularly to soak up some city life.

What has 2015 been like for you so far?

This year has been really busy for us so far. We’ve been taking on lots of new and exciting branding work as well as responsive websites and food & drink packaging. We also finished a large branding and website project for Sainsbury’s at the end of 2014 so we’ve had a really hectic few months. We hope the remaining part of this year will see the business expand and we get to work with lots of exciting and ambitious clients. We’re always on the look-out for talented designers to work with and for new and exciting clients to help out.


Do you have any big plans for 2016 and beyond?

Hopefully in 2016 we can continue to build on our success of the past few years and add more staff to the Designmatic team and continue to grow our client base. There’s lots of advantages of being a small agency and we feel that with our client experience and creativity, we can definitely give the bigger agencies a run for their money! Ultimately, we need to keep producing great work and keeping our clients happy as they have always been at the core of our business.

Who are your favourite people to follow on twitter?

I follow lots of designers and agencies but I also feel it’s good to have a wide range of influences, not just on Twitter but on what I read, watch, listen to etc etc. As long as the tweets are funny, engaging, quirky, random or just plain silly then I’ll follow them!




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