Brand Creative Lauren Digby

Lauren Digby is a twenty-something creative who graduated from the University of Salford in 2012 and is now a brand creative at De Vere & Village Hotels.


‘I’m currently living in Warrington but moving to Manchester in July, I head over to the city most evenings anyway, so I’m finally making the move up the M62. I graduated at the University of Salford and have been working as a professional for 3 years now, and loving it.

I’m also a footballer (centre back if you’re curious) and a bit of a foodie. I love to combine my hobbies with what I do for a living, so food or sport related design is what I enjoy the most. I get to do bits of that at my current work on pub, restaurant and gym brands, but I’m always doing personal projects to indulge my passions and practice new techniques while I’m at it.’


‘My final major project at uni is a great example of this combination of passions. My tutor Tash Wilcocks suggested doing something based on my love of football and pointed me in the direction of Adrian Newell’s work. It was a eureka moment, connecting data visualisation with football, Adrian’s Legends and Scoreline work “graphically interprets goals scored by goal scoring behemoths”. After lots of research I came up with League Visualisation, a new type of league table, a visual one.

The idea was to show the gap in points, two teams may be first and second but is it close? I wanted my leagues to be interesting, visual and functional, used both as a tool for analysis and as memorabilia, living-room worthy prints for grown-up sports fans. League Vis is not just for football either, it can apply to any season and any sport. I’ve done a few different seasons and started to experiment with printing techniques for the memorabilia prints. Most recently using the brilliant RISO printer at Fred Aldous to print a Manchester United treble winning season special with metallic gold on black card (ooh shiny).’


‘As well as League Vis, I have a few other footy related projects I’m working on. The Kit Years poster series does what it says on the tin; I pick a date range, a team and illustrate the kits between the dates. So far I’ve done United, Liverpool and England, but more team variations are in the pipeline. I recently started another poster series that I call Football Colours, it’s a simple idea showing the Pantone colours for football teams (or as close as I can match them anyway) it would probably be pretty expensive using all of the actual Pantone colours, so I did a CMYK version too which is a little more printer-friendly.’





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