Fashion Illustrator & Photographer Scott W Mason

Scott W Mason a Fashion Illustrator/Photographer and recently graduated from Falmouth University with a degree in Fashion Photography.


‘Drawing has always been an addiction of mine so when I went to University I thought I’d try honing a different skill but ended up running straight back to drawing because photography confused the hell out of me, but slowly throughout my degree I started to combine the two and that’s where my photography style came from. I like to think my work is bold and clean, using limited colours but in huge amounts as well as adding a little touch of humour in, if I can fit one.’


‘I’m a big fan of the work of illustrators such as Tony Viramontes, David Downton and Katie Rodgers, I love it when you get the feeling you’re peeping into another world in an illustration and that’s what I get from Katie Rodgers work, whereas Tony Viramontes’s work is so bold, colourful and confident as soon as I look at it, it makes me want to grab a pen and scribble on whatever’s near me.’


‘The main thing I’m currently working on is self-publishing a book called ‘B!TCH STOLE MY LOOK!’ which is a quirky little book based on satirical ‘Who Wore It Better?’ of a real unlucky fashionista, we’ve all done it where you wear an outfit and you’re feeling all confident then a dog walks past wearing a poncho in the exact same pattern as you’re rocking… I mean it happens to the best of us. At the moment the book is open for preorders on Kickstarter as I’m trying to raise the funds to get it printed.’



Website | @scottwmason