Freelance Graphic Designer Andreas Wikström

Andreas Wikström is a freelance graphic designer from Sweden.


‘In the beginning of my creative career I didn’t really want to share any of my work with the World in fear of how others would judge my work based on the mistakes I’ve made. And I think that this is a pretty common thing to believe among us creatives, that we somehow need a constant confirmation from others, but at the same time fear to listen to what others think. I’ve later learned to be proud of everything I produce. That being said; I don’t have to like every little piece that I make, just acknowledge it for what it is: An extension of my thoughts.

During the last six years I’ve been combing studies (all from graphic design, communication, advertising, to sustainability and product design) with work as a freelancer. There’s been ups and downs, but the combination of education (the safety net) and work life (the scissor that cuts the net) is unbeatable.’


‘Finding a common ground is something I strive in my work, weather it’s client based or initiated by myself. Because; if you can’t get to the same level, how can you then understand and subsequently work with each other? You have to both listen, at the same time take charge and represent your role as a designer. It’s a fine line, but once you’ve found it you truly can make business as casuals.’





Website | @andreaswikstrom