Freelance Graphic Designer Andrew O’Shaughnessy

Andrew O’Shaughnessy is a Freelance Graphic Designer from Dublin, Ireland.

Freelance Designer Andrew O'Shaughnessy

‘I graduated from Product Design in 2012 but with the economy the way it was, I got stuck in a crappy job in a sports retailer. Luckily though, this gave me exposure to the latest footwear and sports brands and my love for sneakers grew from there! I do it all, sketch, illustrate, collect and customise! Whilst also running my own blog Laces.

I currently work using illustrator but I’m always hopping from medium to medium, occasionally taking my shoes off mid day to paint something on them! I’m inspired by the work of Careaux (Carroll Lynn) & Dan Freebairn over at Kickposters and aspire to get to that level, but at the moment I’m very happy illustrating the newest releases!’

Andrew O'Shaughnessy

‘Currently trying to redefine myself as a Graphic Artist, I’ve moved from my Product Design background and am currently interning as a graphic designer while I pursue further education! The dream is Footwear designer at Nike. As they say “Impossible is Nothing”.’

Freelance Graphic Designer Andrew O'Shaughnessy

Graphic Designer Andrew O'Shaughnessy