Freelance Graphic Designer David Gaskell

David Gaskell aka VikingMonk is a graduate of the Leeds College of Art, he is now a freelance designer in Manchester.


‘As you will be able to see, my work isn’t influenced by design, instead I listen to the song of the morning birds and sit on public transport listening to people’s conversations. This isn’t ideal for my mental health or social standing, but it has helped me come up with ideas in the past and is slightly more entertaining than searching websites for ‘inspiration’.

I attempt to make idea driven work across any media and medium, trying not to concern myself with whether it be print, digital, branding or editorial and instead focus on the audience. At least that is what I try and convince myself when I turn my eye to solving a wide variety of challenging problems (like my ex-girlfriend).’


‘I attended Leeds College of Art to study graphic design, it was an equally fun and frustrating experience. I learnt you have to be more than your reference material, never presume anything and most importantly, to smile, it’s easier to do anything when you pretend to be happy (ask my ex-girlfriend).

Since finishing my studies I lived the dream of moving back to my Dad’s house. I have also embarked on numerous placements, they have been a real baptism of fire and taught me all about late payments, non-payments and the many ways you can take advantage of a person. On a positive note I have learnt about effective time management and how being fast isn’t the same as being good (again, ask my ex-girlfriend).’


‘In recent weeks and months I have been to plenty of portfolio reviews which has helped with my confidence and given me an overall feeling of optimism. Worked on a few freelance projects to keep me sane. One of which I cannot talk about but will be going live in the near future.’



Website | @viking_monk